About us

Established in 1993, Hongkong Tours Ltd, develops right from the start an unique position in providing tailor-made traning services to students and teachers in primary and secondary schools. In fact, we began to work with Guangzhou Huangpu Youth Training Base(the Huangpu Military Academy Monument) to provide military training to Hong Kong students.

Over the years, we have served thousands of young students with training and cultural exchange tours and built up a wide service network across Mainland China and countries in America and Europe. Hence our role as a bridge for cultural exchange is well-defined and established.

Our service is based on "sincere listening and meticulous serivce" in order to achieve the goal of "gaining teachers' trust, putting parents' mind at ease and making children happy".



What is New Travel Power?

No matter where we are in our life journey, we come across new people, new things and new events every day.

Be it a glance, a chit chat, a scenic view, a house, a painting, or a cup of tea, the encounter is all so enriching to our life.

This is the concept of New Travel Power from Hongkong Tours as we try to give back the true meaning of travel so distorted by shopping, good food, wild entertainment and so on. Exposure instead of sight- seeing, experiencing instead of enjoyment, learning while traveling and awakening from our feeling towards every exposure are what we try to promote as the essences of travel so that we can all enjoy every wonderful episode of our life.